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Welcome to the website of BADA System. We specialize in developing devices based on Linux and Android systems, We have developed a variety of embedded broadcasting receivers in the past and now provide solutions for various Android OS product families based on Android TV broadcasting terminal and Android based IOT based technology. We develop various Android-based equipment and commercialize it with the aim of development of voice recognition technology and IOT-based product group and overseas sales.

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It is a company with a sense of challenge to new technologies.

BADA System Co., Ltd., which started development of Embedded Broadcasting Terminal from 2010, Expanded the development direction of various products and focused on development of Android TV and IOT terminal. We are doing our best to develop into a world-class Embedded industry and IT junior company. Our company is a company that strives to challenge new technologies for all its employees.   Sea Information System Co., Ltd. provides the best development solution and mass production Our goal is to ensure thorough follow-up management. We will continue to The sea information system provides the best value that our customers are seeking, We will do our best to develop together with others.



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